RPM Advertising

to the party

The marketplace is like one big party. Your brand is one of the many guests. It’s noisy, there’s loud music and everyone’s trying to make conversation.

Looking around, there are those you want to spend time with and those you don’t. They rub you the wrong way, they’re close-talkers or worse, they’re just plain boring.

The ones you really remember? They tell great stories, they know funny jokes and speak passionately. They’re clever and unexpected. We find them entertaining.

At RPM, we build brands that know how to work a party.


We believe your brand needs to drive the conversation. Engage the world in ways that are hilarious, intriguing, awe-inspiring and heartfelt. In short, be unforgettable.


digits and
hooking up

When brands entertain, people go looking for you. They seek out your content. They search for and create opinions and posts about brand experiences. They take pictures and share. People begin a relationship with your brand.